Homemade Country Wine- How To Make It?

Published: 18th May 2011
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People assume that the best wines can be availed by buying from superior wineries. But this is not the truth always as many people can produce wine that is tastier than those other wineries out there. Also people have idea that country wine can be made from grapes. However, several fine wines can be made from vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

The pricing also vary between your country wine and the commercial wine that you buy regularly at the store. Having basic information about the wine making procedure, you can make easily five or six bottles of tasty wine at your home.

The basics

To make Country wine you need to know the basic steps of making wine, for example fermentation, flavor extraction, bottling, and aging. You must also understand ingredients, taste and timing to increase the taste of your homemade winemaking.

Flavor extraction

Pure juice from grapes can be used to make the majority of wines. These wines may not require much sugar to add in to them. But in most cases, Country wines could use fruit with a stronger flavor and hence may require thinning with water for a better concentration. This method is known as "musting." In this process you thin the "must" and perhaps add sugar.

After adding sugar, yeast can be added to start the fermentation process. In this procedure you need to settle whether you want to utilize real fruit or concentrate to make your country wine. If you want to use concentrate, it will not require squeezing the fruit. Therefore, numerous people use concentrate, however many people also depend on fresh fruit to make their country wines.


The next and the most important process for wine making is fermentation. In the fermentation process, the yeast eats sugar added to the must and then creates alcohol. At first the yeast makes colonies and then it consumes and produces alcohol in the must.

Here you have to watch the wine and wait till it becomes clear. After that you need to siphon off the wine (raking) and put it into a clean jar or vessel to become old. This process is known as wine clarification.


This step is also important as most wines have to be bottled and aged to offer them the preferred tastes. Several Country wines only require a few days to be converted into something that tastes wonderful where as other types of wines may take weeks to accomplish the bouquet of perfumes that you would like.

Sterilization while you make homemade wine

Another important thing to remember while making wine is to keep yourself clean and your ingredients clean as well. Many times several batches of homemade wine are damaged by bacteria or other pollutants. Hence it is essential to check that your buckets and utensils are clean. Always make use of plastic or wooden spoons and pots and ensure every thing is clean. You may boil containers and other things that you use while making wine. This method was adopted by the ancient wine makers.

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